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Hi, I'm Anirudh Sriram

I'm a young tech enthusiast who loves to code.




I am an avid tech enthusiast with a passion for building and programming with Lego since childhood.
Starting from simple Lego creations, I progressed to programming motors and sensors with Lego Boost, and later explored advanced robotics and Python coding with Lego Mindstorms and EV3Dev.
My skills span across Python, OpenCV, TensorFlow, GPT, and Azure AI.
I've collaborated with Bosch on an AI-based autonomous car project and published research on face swapping for autonomous vehicles.
In my free time, I enjoy electronic music and sharing my creations online.



Image of Solving Autonomous Driving Privacy Challenges using AI

Solving Autonomous Driving Privacy Challenges using AI

This paper outlines the possible solutions to the privacy challenges faced when training autonomous cars, which record the faces of people.

Image of AI Tutor - GPT

AI Tutor - GPT

Your 24/7 AI-powered educational assistant, ranked #2 worldwide among 3 million+ GPTs, offering instant and personalized academic support.

Image of AnirudhGPT


AnirudhGPT is a user interface designed to interact with OpenAI's APIs and assist with various tasks, leveraging the capabilities of OpenAI's powerful APIs.

Image of AniKode Website Builder

AniKode Website Builder

AniKode Website Builder allows you to create landing pages using drag and drop, with built-in Low Code / No Code editors.

Image of AniSlides


AniSlides is a presentation maker that allows you to create presentations using drag and drop, with built-in Low Code / No Code editors. This product is still in beta.

Image of AniStories


AniStories is a story generator that uses GPT2 (AI) to generate stories. You can also add your own stories to the database.

Image of Classnotes Buddy

Classnotes Buddy

Notes Buddy is an app that helps children to share notes with each other through crowdsourcing.

Image of Daily Diary

Daily Diary

Daily Diary is a virtual diary that allows you to write your daily thoughts and feelings. You can also share your diary with other people.

Image of AniScreenRecorder


AniScreenRecorder is a screen recorder that allows you to record your screen and save it as a video without needing to install any software.

Image of AniMeet


AniMeet is a web app similar to Zoom, allowing participants to chat, share their screen, and participate in meetings on phones, tablets, or computers.

Image of PowerApps4Kids Europe/USA Session

PowerApps4Kids Europe/USA Session

A session on PowerApps4Kids, walking through how to create a Mario game using PowerApps.

Image of AniDrive


AniDrive is a cloud storage service allowing you to store and share your files online. It uses Firebase for storage and authentication, with a frontend built in React.

Image of AniMarioGame


AniMarioGame is a game where you help Mario collect all the coins and reach the flag while avoiding enemies and obstacles. Built with kaboom.js.

Image of Maskio


Maskio is a coronavirus adventure game where the player shoots vaccines to kill the virus. Built with kaboom.js and submitted to Github Gameoff 2021.




Web Developer

I love creating websites using shadcn/ui and Next.js


Open-source contribution

I love contributing to opensource projects


AI Developer

I love to create projects with AI and Computer Vision. I also wrote a research paper with Bosch on Autonomous Cars


Backend Developer

I am a backend developer with passion to create functional apps using NodeJS and Python

My Experience

Here are some of my work experiences where I've turned challenges into accomplishments, making things happen.


April 2022 - May 2022

Collaboration Project With Bosch

I collaborated with Bosch and wrote an AI research paper about addressing privacy concerns for autonomous cars using AI. This started on 04th April 2022 and ended on 20th May 2022.

Full Stack Developer

2021 - Present

During this time, I developed AniKode Studio, AniSlides and AniAuthenticator.

Web/PowerApps Developer

2020 - 2021

During this time, I published my first product on Product Hunt (AniKode Landing Page Builder) to create landing pages using Nocode/Low code editors. Additionally, I created apps using PowerApps and presented my apps in PowerApps4Kids. Also, created a game called Maskio using KaboomJS which was published on Github Game Jam. I also became certified in Azure AI and Microsoft PowerApps.

Python Programmer

2019 - 2020

My first projects were built using Python and Mindstorms. I learned about AI and used Keras,OpenCV, TensorFlow and GPT for many of my projects. Some of my projects include Anistories which uses GPT to generate stories and Toonify that transforms one's face to cartoon characters.

Mindstorms EV3 / Lego Boost (Block) Programmer

2018 - 2019

Some of the projects I created include Snake, Vernie, Humanoid Robot, Gripper etc.



Lazare Rossilion

Lazare Rossilion


Some day 10x developers do no exist. I have met several, of which Anirudh. I had the opportunity to work with Anirudh on a web app project in React JS / Node and some Python modules. Not only did Anirudh work really fast and well, he foresaw some technical limitations and implemented ingenious solutions. Most impressive to me was his ability to read documentation in areas he didn’t know, and master them quickly. I look forward to collaborating again.

Karuppiah N

Karuppiah N

Hey! This is amazing! Demo looks awesome! I wanted to request you to record a 720p / 1080p or more higher resolution demo for your YouTube video to see the demo more clearly / with more clarity - it would give a nice and smooth look :)

Vivek Ganesan

Vivek Ganesan


Congratulations on creating a very professional looking utility :) Great job! 👏👏👏

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